When times change, it’s time to change.

When times change,
it’s time to change.

“Implementing TrueShore was a game-changing decision,
not only for my company, but for my personal life”

-Al Mascherano, Freight Forwarder

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Healthcare Resource Planning

Created by Doctors for Doctors, our HRP platform was designed with today’s medical practice in mind. A changing landscape means physicians need a competitive edge to stay profitable. A more informed patient, decreasing insurance reimbursement and fast changing technology, will require today’s practice to make drastic changes to be able to provide its patients with quality care without affecting their bottom line.

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The three critical enhancements

TrueChange starts by assessing your processes, studying your cost structure and the breaking points of your routines.

True overhead reduction

True efficiency in all your processes

True customer experience overhaul

What is TrueShore?

TrueShore is a Business Resource Optimization Center.

Our team analyzes your business and tailors our solutions to optimize every operative process saving you money, increasing revenue and enhancing customer experience, creating freedom and flexibility to focus on your core business.

Why optimization is becoming so important?

The world is changing faster than ever. Flexibility is now a necessity. The ability to continuously spot, attract and train talented human resources is power. Aligning with the latest technology is not an option; it is a mandatory step to take.

In today’s economic landscape reducing costs and elevating client experience are a requirement not only to stay in business, but to keep on growing.

What is draining your business?

It happens everyday, an employee needs to leave early, a computer breaks, a key assistant goes on vacation, a new employee needs training. The sum of these business drains slowly, but surely become your daily focus.

Business drains not only affect time and money, but more importantly they affect the ability to focus on your core activities. Ultimately core activities are what create growth and profitability. TrueShore is here to help.

How our clients are using Trueshore

Companies of all sizes and very different industry segments are understanding that optimizing their processes can do much more than cutting costs, it can create sustained growth.

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Business process analysis1

Business process analysis

Our experts assess your complete business processes and suggest the best steps to start implementing TrueShore solutions

Solutions parametrization2

Solutions parametrization

After we receive all the information from the assessment, we start feeding our software and training center

Industry practices agent training3

Industry practices agent training

We design a custom TrueAgents training and solution set around your your company’s specific needs.

Solution set implementation4

Solution set implementation

Your custom program is launched. Time to focus on your core business.

Goodbye liabilities. Welcome revenues.

TrueShore is here to take your business to the next level.