Over 7 years of progressive call center upper management experience achieving business growth objectives within dynamic, high-volume environments. Passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and specialty services through highly motivated call center representatives.

Mrs. Gonzalez started with Trueshore in 2012 as lead project manager highly involved in the development and implementation process. She was quickly promoted to Executive Director, where she overseas sales and management and all day to day operations and strategic functions. Prior to Trueshore Elizabeth has worked with Nearshore and Alorica a global call center company where she worked as a Talent requisition specialist and Human Resources Manager for a special project with Samsung.

Mrs. Gonzalez focuses on increasing skills of the supervisors, team leaders and front line representatives driving performance metrics to exceed client expectations. Her expertise lies in using training and coaching tactics in a team environment, getting those working in the call center engaged; building the best team to drive up performance and reduce costs.

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