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No matter how many patients a medical practice has, no matter how great their level of service is, and no matter how long they’ve been around and how good their reputation is, if the billing isn’t done properly, the practice will not be around for long. This is one of the major reasons that many doctors have begun to outsource all of their medical billing to third party companies. Outsourcing medical billing is a very beneficial proposition for doctors for many reasons, and all of the articles above will explain how and why in great detail.

This page is where you should come to learn about the latest news and trends related to the outsourcing of billing services.  Whether billing, collections, authorizations, reimbursements or insurance verification, we will constantly be updating this page with news and information that you can rely on.

If you don’t have time to read the articles above right now, below is a quick explanation about why outsourcing billing and collection services with TrueShore has become so popular.

What Billing Services Can Be Outsourced?

When a doctor wants to outsource their billing services, they have the ability to outsource all aspects of the medical billing process, from start to finish. Whether standard invoicing, collections assistance, prior insurance authorization or reimbursements, TrueShore’s healthcare bpo staff is thoroughly trained on how to get optimal results and maximize the revenue for your practice.

Why is Outsourced Billing Services Gaining Popularity?

The amount of doctors that have opted to outsource their medical billing procedures is on the rise, due to many factors.

Only the largest medical practices have employees whose full-time job is medical billing and collections. Most practices have employees that handle numerous administrative tasks, billing and collections are simply a part of that. It makes sense that a person who is handling multiple different tasks, and not solely focusing on billing, would make mistakes.

The majority of claims denied by health insurance companies are denied due to billing mistakes. Whether the wrong insurance company is billed, there are coding errors, or a simple mistake was made, these denials lead to wasted time and effort for your office staff, in addition to lost revenue. For this reason, doctors have began to outsource the insurance verification process.

On the other hand, when you outsource all billing services to a bpo provider, you will have an employee whose sole responsibility is billing. This employee is thoroughly trained on all billing procedures and they are always up to speed on the constantly changing regulations in the healthcare industry, including HIPPA.

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