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Training makes the difference

Our training is a continuous process that is always expanding insuring success in any industry we manage.

We work on your specific program parameters developing in our agents the skills specific to your business needs.

The TrueShore training system is divided into four phases


Internal Policies & Procedures

The focus on this initial phase is the review and understanding of your corporate philosophy. Our agents learn about your company policies and procedures.


Phone Etiquette Skills

Each and everyone of our agents is trained on skills on how to be successful at phone communications.

In this phase we focus on:

  • Speaking techniques
  • Voice tones
  • Building Rapport
  • Gatekeeper abilities
  • Patience
  • Probing for marketing information
  • Control
  • Pace

Computer Training

The agents will each be given specific training.

  • Client System Navigation
  • Program updates & goals
  • Script Navigation
  • Onsite & offsite transferring and conferencing
  • Sending instant emails & faxes through our dialing technology

Program Training

The final step is specific program training. This phase is done hand in hand with our clients. Program customization is what allows TrueShore the ability to be the perfect partner for companies of any size in all industries.

This phase includes:

  • Client Interaction
  • Product Presentation
  • FAQs- for products and or services
  • Qualifier Set Up
  • Script components
  • Goals & expectations
  • Client Interaction Etiquette

Experience the change - Call today.

(305) 902-2338