Healthcare Call Centers – How to Make Best Use of Them

Utilizing the services of a healthcare outsourcing provider can involve as little or as much as you’d like, from simple inbound appointment setting to full service inbound and outbound services – plus live chat, billing and collections, instant messaging, and more! If you’re thinking of making the switch to a Healthcare BPO provider, make sure you’re getting the most from the provider you choose.

Have Calls to Your Office Answered Immediately

When it comes to running a successful medical practice, you know that there’s one factor that can lead patients to you or keep them away: the rate at which you respond to them. No one wants to make a dozen calls just to set up an appointment with their physician. When a doctor uses a healthcare call center, they can be confident that every single call will be answered immediately and every patient that wants to be seen will be scheduled.

Add Live Web Chat for Your Customer’s Convenience

Sometimes your customers want to talk to a real live person – and other times they want to get quick answers online. Live chat specialists can assist your visitors in navigating your website and can answer basic questions. There are numerous advantages to this type of chat support, including:

  • An increase in conversion rates
  • The opportunity to engage directly with patients
  • A decrease in website abandonment

Investing in marketing services will get people to your website. Live web chat will convert potential patients from just thinking about making an appointment to actually scheduling it.

Take Advantage of Numerous Outbound Services

When you think of a healthcare call center you may immediately think of an answering service. In reality, the services available at a healthcare call centers far exceed those available from an answering service and include outbound services that can help your practice:

  • Increase the number of qualified leads
  • Boost both sales and profits
  • Lower your cost per sale
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Boost the number of appointments booked
  • Increase your patient base
  • Boost patient retention
  • Get immediate feedback

These outbound services that TrueShore makes available at their medical call centers will either take your current services to the next level or add in new services that your office simply isn’t trained to handle.

Help Your Employees Focus on the Skills that Allow Your Company to Grow

As you’ve learned by now, there are tons of ways that using a call center can help both your practice and your patients, but there are also indirect ways you can take full advantage of these services. One example is allowing your employees to finally focus on what’s really going to grow your business.

How many hours does your staff spend answering phone calls from patients? How often do they have to pause in the middle of a marketing task, or a billing duty, to field a simple question that could easily be answered by a trained professional in a call center? Using TrueShore allows your employees to have laser-like focus on the tasks that actually increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction.

Start at the Beginning: Choosing the Right BPO Provider

No matter how well you position your practice to make use of the time that’s freed up by using these services, you won’t be using them to their full potential if you don’t begin by ensuring you’ve found the right BPO provider/company. As noted above, this is more than an answering service and it should be held to a higher standard. You should be able to count on an exceptional healthcare call center to:

  • Learn about your company’s policies and procedures and ensure that the staff answering your call understand the ins and outs of what your practice offers.
  • Good phone etiquette is a must!  The call center should train their employees to:
    • Speak correctly
    • Use the right tone
    • Build rapport with your patients
    • Have patience
    • Probe for marketing material
    • Control and pace the conversation

If your practice wants your employees to have more time to focus on their core responsibilities, wants to lower overhead costs, and is interested in phones being answered every single time they ring, then outsourcing your business processes to TrueShore is the first step.

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